Eco-friendly daycare

Our team takes into account the challenges of the environmental health by paying particular attention to the educational materials, hygiene and cleaning products used at our nurseries.

We favour organic and eco-responsible products in our purchases, and adopt a sustainable and environmentally friendly global approach.

We also adopt digital approach in our administration.



We choose furniture and objects made of sustainable and ecological materials: wood, glass, natural fibres, metal, rather than plastic. If there is no alternative to plastic, we use second life objects, which have already been cleaned of a large part of their harmful substances.

In the same way, we adopt the most natural hygiene and cleaning products possible: Marseille or Aleppo soap, hygiene products certified as being of natural and organic origin, ecological washing powder, white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, etc.

For manipulative activities, we make our own play dough (modelling clay, salt dough, etc.) with natural ingredients.

We also try to reduce our waste by using washable nappies, cotton squares, washable gloves and towels.

We also try to make the children aware of the need to respect nature by taking care of a small vegetable garden, by observing nature, by caring for plants, by sorting waste and composting. This is an integral part of the practical life activities proposed to the children through the activities of care of the environment, inside and outside, but also through the activities of care of the person.



The Parenthèse M nursery is committed to choosing service providers with a "locavore" approach: raw materials supplied by local producers, seasonal menus, cooking adapted to preserve the taste.

The quality of the products will be respected with organic food as much as possible.

We respect the different food profiles according to the age of the children and offer purees and compotes without added salt or sugar.

We participate in the "zero waste" campaign by adjusting daily orders to our needs, by dissociating meals from snacks ordered (fruit not consumed at lunch can be offered in the form of a smoothie, for example, at snack time instead of being thrown away.


We choose cleaning products based on organic ingredients, all of which are Ecocert and food contact certified.

Our orders are optimised by choosing ultra-concentrated products with little packaging.

The team adopts eco-responsible attitude on a daily basis, in order to pass on these values to the children, and more widely to the families:

- Sorting of waste according to the sorting policy implemented in the commune

- Reasonable consumption of food

- Collection of batteries, printer cartridges, coffee capsules via the installation of dedicated containers in the nursery.